Different Types of Electronic Dance Music

Music is an art that is very important to us since it entertains, relaxes and relieves us of any stress. Due to its great significance, the music industry has grown so much and today, it has embraced electronic dance music, also referred to as EDM in abbreviation. Electronic dance music is produced through music instruments that are electronic as well as electronic technology. The music is majorly played in parties, night clubs, raves, and festivals since it is fast in tempo and has a variety of tones, frequencies, and pitch that makes it danceable.

There are different types of sub-genres here. They include:


This is an ever-changing genre of EDM that has several subgenres which are deep-house, techno house, progressive house and many others. House electronic dance music is widely used in discos and even in the mainstream for instance radios. The music originated from Chicago and its nature is totally American. It can be played with vocals, raps or melodies.


This music was initially created in the UK when producers started to remix the garage genre of electronic dance music to make it sound better. Later after more producers used the remixes done to make original tunes, the dubstep genre was created. It has been used for over ten years and now it is being played on the radio and is among the types of electronic dance music played worldwide.


Most people think that techno is what electronic music means in general, but techno is a small genre of electronic music that has gained popularity because it is mainly used in the production of contemporary electronic dance music even though it is one of the oldest American EDM genres that was first created in Detroit. Techno music is built by the same sounds repeating again and again accompanied with additions of small changes in order to progress a song through different levels.


This Electronic dance Music that is originally from German is the most used style throughout the world. The genre is created by amplified buildups followed by breaks accompanied with melodies. It is well liked in America and Europe. Also, the combination of trance and electro which is also a small genre of EDM has caused recent fusion of EDM with pop music.

Drum and Bass

This genre is closely related to dubstep and garage type of electronic dance music. This is the genre in which the highest tempos are played accompanied by dense bass sounds and uncommon percussion. Also, the drum and bass genre has a very quick tempo with drums producing high pitch sounds. This electronic dance music type was originally created in London in 1990s. Also, it can be further divided into sub-branches including soul, hip hop, jazz, and trance.


This is generally disco boogie improved through electronic music to suit the modern dance music. Unlike other genres, disco has a slower tempo and no matter how old it is; discos still play the genre a lot.


This is the most recent type of electronic dance music. Also, this genre has a slower tempo and it is music that is perfect to be enjoyed by couples as they dance to it thus resulting to craziness in discos.

In conclusion, Electronic Dance Music has totally revolutionized music and made it more appealing, and easy to dance to. Therefore, it is part and parcel of music in general.