Amtrak DJs used to be the premier resource for underground electronic dance music and everything related to that. We used to have extremely famous DJs and musicians writing essays here, sharing amazing content through our newsletter and so on and so forth.

We’re here to bring that back and our team is bigger than ever – we’ve got six people who will be working on this as a hobby and writing content when they have a chance.

Some of us are more experienced than others, some famous and some not. That’s not the question here though.

Our goal is to build up a community and that means attracting more talented musicians and music enthusiasts such as yourself to this site and getting you to stick around. We’ve been considering starting up forums on the site to have more content from people like yourself as well as to get to know everyone and lessen the pressure of us having to push out new essays.

But let’s see in a few months where we end up with this project!

Exciting times ahead.